Want to change your job – and a lot more?

Who are you guys? And what do you do? 
We’re How To Impact.

We’re an innovation consultancy. We help our clients change. We come up with new products, business models, brands, services, delivery innovation, and processes… so it’s pretty varied. Think of it as a mix of research, strategy consultancy, design, and branding – but not quite any of them. Come in to meet us and we’ll show you what we mean.

Our work is broad: if today you’ve had a cup of tea or coffee, eaten breakfast, used a computer, taken a photo, watched a film, or just eaten a pizza at home with a beer, you’ll have interacted with one of our clients – and maybe seen some our work.

We want to be known as Australia’s innovation leaders, and we want you to help us get there – if you’re up for the challenge.

What's it like to work here?

We’re a close-knit company that sits within the Deepend group (a full service digital agency). So you’ll be work in a small team – with all the exposure and responsibility you can handle – as well as getting lots of the benefits of being in a bigger company.

You’ll get a fast-track entry into the world of innovation consultancy, and we’ll give you the best direct industry training to support you in becoming a future innovation leader.

Project Manager


Who you are…

  • Meticulously organised – able to manage your state and produce excellent work in a fast paced environment
  • Eager to make a difference and make things happen – proactive, independent, resourceful and persistent
  • Great standard of written and verbal communication – able to build meaningful relationships with clients, facilitate sessions and contribute to project outputs with thought-through and insightful documentation
  • Strategic and creative thinker – who’ll ensure we always go above and beyond for our clients
  • Compelling communicator - bring energy into a room and explain/exchange ideas easily
  • Have a keen sense of humour
  • Restless to make things happen and make a difference – proactive, independent, resourceful and persistent
  • Insightful and original thinking – able to form and offer smart and informed opinions
  • An ability and a thirst to learn academically and emotionally and a desire to put themselves out there
  • Eloquent talking about brands and business

What you do…

  • Drive the accounts & projects under your control with effective planning and proactive management of timelines and resources
  • Manage logistics, budgets and planning of complex projects and events
  • Co-plan structure and produce content for a diverse range of project stages including qualitative research and ideation
  • Actively participate in all front-line project activities including consumer-facing research, idea generation and strategic workshops with client teams
  • Business development responsibilities


1. Helping to plan and run innovation projects:

  • Co-planning the structure and content of diverse projects from fast turnaround workshops to complex innovation platform development projects with project leaders
  • Planning and managing the logistics, project budgeting & event management of key workshop days, consumer sessions and team activities

  • Co-ordinating internal and external resources required to deliver project, including development of new partner-supplier networks
  • Help challenge & stretch thinking through facilitated sessions and insightful documentation
  • Planning consumer sessions, including the recruitment of consumers and experts as required
  • Co-facilitation of consumer research sessions
  • Think creatively, generate original and whole ideas

2. Client management:

  • Help to grow client relationships into client partnerships that involve innovation discussions at a deeper and broader level in line with business development goals
  • Maintaining high levels of customer satisfaction

3. Supporting our company development and business development drive

  • Produce proposals and presentations to follow up on existing leads and establishing client and industry contacts
  • Looking to generate new opportunities, networks and collaborations wherever possible

To apply, please get in touch at info@howtoimpact.com
Recruiters need not apply.