Retail Innovation Hotspots

Think differently about how retail innovation can transform your business.

It’s an adapt or die moment for Retail. Retail innovation is needed to inspire, direct and navigate change to drive growth back into the sector.

The retail innovation hotspots you will discover in this report:

How to... develop surprising and alluring retail ecosystems and offset rents via multiple-usage.

How to... capitalise on the grey area between discretionary and non-discretionary spending.

How to... invent new technology platforms across competing players for the good of the sector.

How to... create a truly seamless customer experience online and offline.

How to... reanimate the local connection of production & consumption to create greater motivation to buy Australian.

How to... radically redefine the role shopping and shopping centres play in modern society.

How to... unearth accelerated shopper insights to keep pace with the new rate of change.

How to... reinvent traditional retail business models to fit changing consumer expectations and technology.

This document is packed with provocations and real world examples that will get you excited about the role innovation can play.