The Camera Restricta & Geo-tagging

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The internet is a splendid thing, yet it can be difficult to navigate the sheer volume of information thrown at us everyday, particularly when that content seems to be on a loop. Phillip Schmitt's 2015 prototype, the Camera Restricta aims to limit the amount of images we're seeing over and over again by preventing the user from taking a picture if someone else has beaten them to the punch - in other words, original photos only.

The camera, which is hooked up to you smart phone searches online to find images that have been geo-tagged to that location and if it finds more than 35 photography, blocks the viewfinder to stop the user from taking a snap. A very interesting technology that challenges ideas of originality, censorship and creativity. 

Stackla is a company that allows brands to filter via geo-tagging. For example, brands can display Instagram pictures or 'tweets' connected to a specific item or place. By doing so brands are involving their consumers in both the creation & sharing of content, as well as encouraging engagement and endorsement of their brand. 

So What?
In contrast with technology designed to better filter existing content through geo-tagging (Stackla), the Camera Restricta simply aims to stop the content before it even gets online. Brands are beginning to leverage technologies such as these to curate what is or isn't seen by millions, using free existing content made by the public, rather than spending money to create entirely new content.