Business Model Innovation and Consumer Engagement Platform: Canon Irista
Client: Canon


Canon’s business model was under threat. Commoditisation of the camera market compounded by online sales and a shift in competitive set to cameraphones & cloud-based services eroded sales margins andredefined the user experience in a way that increased product agnosticism. At the same time, brand diffusion had created a confused, inefficient internal environment where each brand had its own website. 


Canon needed to change their business model and develop an added-value consumer engagement platform. We brought the risks home to the board through scenario planning and defined a plan that spanned customer experience innovation, UX design / prototype building and internal reorganisation.

Our consumer-centric approach defined the customer experience in terms of both the overarching missions and the step-by-step experience elements needed to deliver them. We identified the powerful common need amongst ALL photographers to overcome the barriers of secure storage to unlock the stories of the images.

We then took our concept into prototype phase – encompassing third party resource recruitment (from Amazon & Adobe, to Silicon Valley software designers), creating the ‘clickable’ prototype, choice modelling and internal change.


Canon Image Spectrum was such a powerful concept that Canon Europe also took it on board - now launched across Australia & Europe as Canon Irista.